Test Drive the Cyber Defence System

The Cyber Defence System (CDS) is a cloud based cyber security system using the best security technology from the world’s leading vendors all packaged into a managed service for Law Firms.

CDS acts like a powerful filter, analysing and screening traffic passing between the internet and your network to block viruses, malware, intrusion attempts and detect suspicious activity that could indicate a breach.

As well as traffic analysis, CDS carries out advanced behavioural analysis to detect new and unknown viruses and threats that would pass straight through standard IT security. We blocked the recent NHS and Petya threats before standard anti-virus software.

To enable protection, you simply plug your network into your own private part of CDS. Just like changing ISP, there’s no change to your network or existing IT support.

So leave your details below and I’ll contact you with more information about how you can trial CDS.

Either way – you’ll be able to stop worrying.

Robust Cyber Security is No Longer an Option

Cyber crime is now a big threat to the financial stability and reputation of your firm.

It’s no longer an option to stand by and hope for the best, every legal practice must ensure they are properly protecting client information and have robust security measures in place to prevent data breaches.

This is a requirement under the SRA Code of Conduct as well as the Data Protection Act.

Cyber Defense System for GDPR Compliance

The Hexagoncloud Cyber Defence System (CDS) is a unique managed security service designed specifically for law firms, using security technology certified by CESG1 (the cyber security arm of GCHQ).

CDS acts as a filter for all data passing in and out of your network using advanced security technology normally the preserve of large organisations.

Our Cyber Security team continually monitor your network and deal with threats as they arise, protecting your firm and making it extremely difficult for unauthorised personnel to gain entry and extract confidential data.

Strong user authentication (similar to online bank systems), weekly security and threat assessments plus constant monitoring of network traffic for indicators of compromise and data breaches provide all the evidence needed to show you’re compliant with Section 2 of the GDPR.

With the addition of data encryption, CDS provides a plugin, GDPR ready  security solution giving you a quick start to GDPR compliance for your firm.

Hexagoncloud is ISO27001 certified ensuring you’re following SRA Silver Linings Guide to Cloud Computing

  • Network Security

  • Personnel Security

  • Compliance

Why Choose CDS?

Quick and easy way to provide your firm with advanced cyber protection

Provide the appropriate technical measures to meet section 2 of GDPR as determined through legal review

Detailed network analytics to show Indicators of Compromise… vital to give early warning of breaches so the impact can be mitigated and authorities and data subjects notified… if required

Two factor authentication… critical to showing that only authorised users can get access to your network and your data

Gives your COLP a unique view of the cyber threats that you currently face… on a daily basis

Continuous monitoring & risk assessments to meet SRA & GDPR compliance requirements

Give forensic teams a head start in identifying a breach with continuous network and threat monitoring

Data encryption to make data unreadable to unauthrised users and limit the need to notify data subjects in the event of a breach

Fully Managed & Supported

We understand you’ve got a lot on your plate, which is why we’ve partnered with a Certified GDPR Practitioner who understands CDS to provide a quick start and simplified route to GDPR compliance.

Compliance Simplified

We understand you’ve got a lot on your plate, which is why we’ve partnered with a Certified GDPR Practitioner who understands CDS to provide a quick start and simplified route to GDPR compliance.