Cyber Security Solutions

For UK small to medium businesses

Protection to Rely On

In this rapidly developing digital world, it is a sad yet widely acknowledged fact that cyber-crime is now the greatest risk to most modern businesses.

With the consequences as severe as they are, it’s no surprise that growing numbers of UK SME’s are thinking ahead and arranging adequate protection – and peace of mind – for them, their workforce and their customer base of tomorrow.


Industry-leading services for cyber risk identification and protection plan documentation.


Email safeguarding and protection keeping electronic communications secure.


Ensuring necessary firewall protection for network security and data safeguarding.


Developing workforce awareness around essential cyber protection.

Leaders in SME Cyber Protection

Cyber crime is no longer exclusive to just large organisations and the impact of a cyber security breach can be catastrophic, sometimes leading to the closure of a business.

At Hexagon Cloud, we believe UK small and medium sized businesses deserve the same levels of care and protection as global organisations. Which is why we’re so passionately invested into protecting customers and helping them develop and implement effective cyber security procedures.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to find out. But should the worst happen, you’ll know that you’re safeguarded and able to act decisively for an effective recovery.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

For over 20 years we’ve been working with, supporting and managing IT systems for businesses just like yours.

Unlike large cloud providers where you don’t have any leaverage and unlike small cloud providers where there’s the worry of long term financial stability, with Hexagon Cloud you get the best of both worlds, a secure and long term partnership.

Cyber Security

for Law SME’s

Ensure that all your data is secure, protected and that you are compliant with all laws.

Cyber Security

for Financial SME’s

Don’t suffer losses due to security breaches or negligence, protect and secure your data.

Cyber Security

for Recruitment SME’s

Have total security, peace of mind, and a complete cloud based service for your business.

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