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Electrical & Mechanical Contractors

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One of the main challenges for any contracting business is information sharing and team work.

Making sure your installation teams on site have the correct, up to date information is critical to delivering what your customer needs when they need it as well as making sure you stay compliant with legislation such as Health and Safety.

Your staff need access to the latest drawings, designs, documents, RAMS and the rest. You can’t afford for them to not have the documents they need or even wore to have an outdated version.

ContractHub is a simple to use and flexible way of making sure your engineers get the files they need when they need them right on their phone or tablets.

You centrally manage drawings, designs, RAMS and whatever else they need in folders and then specify who needs them. The rest is automatic.

The folders are automatically synced to the engineers phone or tablet so they have access the minute they need it – even if they’re in a basement with no signal.

And once job is completed simply remove the engineers from the distribution list and the folder’s removed from the phones but stays in the central vault.

A simple, user friendly way of getting your files where they need to be.

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Key features

  • Instant Access to Folders
  • Automatic file syncing
  • Control of file access
  • Automatic Archiving