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Most consultants are ethical and scrupulous but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel.

The thing is technology can be a double edged sword. It makes it easier for you and your consultants to work but it also makes it easier for that rare, unscrupulous consultant to take your priceless data… unless have the right controls in place.

Take memory sticks for instance.  They cost the same as a cup of coffee and can hold an entire client database.  Or those handy file sharing sites like dropbox or even something as simple and obvious as email.  These everyday technologies give rogue consultants a very simple way of copying or email your business data wherever they want – for their future use.

Control Hub for Recruitment is a unique service specifically designed for Recruitment businesses which gives you tried and tested solutions to prevent unscrupulous consultants stealing your data.

With Control for Recruitment you get:

  • Archiving of EVERY internal and external emails in a separate, secure vault so even if an email is immediately deleted you’ll still be able to recover it in its original form
  • Advanced Data Loss Prevention technology to alert you of any unusual patterns of data usage such as someone trying to send data from your database by email or to another site
  • Advanced protection for your data on your consultants own mobile phones, laptops and tablets – all of your business data will be stored in an encrypted container and you’ll be able to delete it all at the touch of a button without the consultant being able to stop your or affecting any of their personal data
  • Blocking of file sharing sites like Dropbox – a key way to take data out of your business
  • Blocking of USB ports so data can’t be being copied onto memory sticks – your keyboards and mice will still work
  • Protection for LinkedIn contacts and data
  • … and a whole lot more

Control Hub for Recruitment gives you a private, secure, fast and flexible IT system for your business with the added protection needed by Recruitment Business Owners like you.

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Key features

  • Secure eMail archive containing every email sent internally and externally
  • Advanced protection of Your data on your consultants own mobile, tablet, laptop without affecting their personal information
  • Click of a button removal of your data from consultants mobile, tablet and laptop... which they can't stop
  • Advanced data loss prevention through sites like Dropbox and USB sticks
  • Limit access to data from your office machines for all but specific users
  • Protect valuable LinkedIn contacts and databases