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This book has been written for law firm partners and owners just like you.

Written in clear, laymans terms, you’ll understand what and where the risks are in your firm and how to meet your regulatory obligations – all without having to become a cyber security expert.

Teresa Payne Solicitor and Managing Partner of Parfit Cresswell Solicitors said:

“This book could not have been published at a more appropriate time and is simply a must read for anyone involved in running a law firm.

In a nutshell, Cyber Compliance for Law Firms is a crash course in cyber security written in a manner which allows even the most IT challenged law firm owner to gain a good understanding of the risks and actions required to run a cyber security compliant law firm.

Whether you read this book from cover to cover or just choose a particular chapter, you’ll be able to take an informed view of your firm’s risk and exposure in each particular area and ensure systems are in place to protect your firm and your clients.”

Simply leave your details below and I’ll drop one in the post to you straight away.