Get your own Private part of the cloud for Stress and Hassle Free computing

If you know moving your IT system to the cloud is the way to go but you’re worried about data leakage and loss of control, your day just got better.

If you want to use the cloud to liberate and grow your business but you’re nervous about data security and loss of control you’re not alone. With all the recent high profile data leaks many business owners share your concerns. You need to know you data will be safe because without it your business stops. And legally if there’s a data leak the buck stops with you – not the cloud provider.

A recent FSB survey highlighted key questions faced by business owners: How will you be able to deal with the huge, faceless companies in the cloud? How will you get the support your business needs to keep working? How will you stop becoming a minnow in an ocean of other businesses?

Right now you’re probably a big fish in a small pond with your IT team… when something goes wrong you know exactly who to go to get it fixed. If you move to the cloud how will you keep control?

Go private cloud and protect yourself from bad neighbours

The problem is that most small businesses use cloud services that are shared among thousands and even hundreds of thousands of other businesses and users. So if any of them have a problem like a virus or a data breach, you can be affected as well because you’re all on the same network.

It’s like having bad, noisy neighbours – their bad practices can hurt your business as well as theirs.

The goods news is there’s now a way of getting all of the benefits of the cloud without risks that come from sharing servers with thousands of other businesses and users. Called private cloud, it used to be reserved for only the biggest of organisations. But now small businesses just like yours can get access to enterprise level stability, security and software in your own private network.

Get your own secure part of the cloud

It’s your own secure part of the cloud, fenced off from everyone else, that only you and your staff can access – making sure you’re not affected by noisy neighbours. With private cloud you’ll still get all the benefits like stability, security, scalability and access to enterprise software but you stay in complete control of your data and get the responsive technical support your staff and your business need… because you don’t share with anyone else.

Hexagon Cloud’s tailor made small business solutions are built on Aircloud from Vmware, the leading Software Defined Data Center technology that makes safe and secure cloud computing possible for small businesses just like yours.

Put private cloud to work in your business today with zero data leaks, zero hassle and  zero downtime all fully supported and maintained for you in the UK by a friendly IT team used to looking after small businesses like yours.

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Or you can explore our Cloud Packages below built specifically for a business like yours.

Email Hub

Email Hub

Secure business class email. Make sure your workforce stays in sync on their tablet, desktop or smartphone.

  • Hosted Exchange 2013
  • Advanced BYOD security to protect your data
  • Business data leakage prevention
  • Group diaries for simple team scheduling
  • Sync files to tablets & smartphones
  • Advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • Hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK only data centers
  • Fully supported by UK based technical team
  • Free migration for minimal business disruption
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Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub

Talk face to face with customers and prospects and host web conferences.

  • Internal and external HD video conferencing
  • Video and voice calls wherever you are on tablets and smartphones
  • Fast secure Skype federated instant messaging
  • Host Powerpoint presentations
  • Host online meetings with screen sharing
  • Replace expensive ISDN line with cloud PBX
  • Unlimited 02, 03 and 07 phone calls included
  • Hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK only data centers
  • Fully supported by UK based technical team
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Control Hub

Control Hub

Host your entire IT infrastructure in your own secure, private cloud.

  • Work from anywhere and across multiple offices
  • Totally private cloud network
  • No onsite servers or IT staff required
  • Includes software and full user support
  • Total access control, who and where from
  • Enterprise level security and intrusion prevention
  • Advanced virus and malware protection for browsing
  • Powerful data leakage prevention
  • Full user web activity logging and reporting
  • Fully supported monitored managed in UK
  • Like having your own dedicated IT team
  • Free migration for minimal business disruption
  • Hosted on industry leading Vcloud Air by Vmware
  • Hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK only data centres
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