Remote Working Solutions

Get secure and simple digital workspace solutions that free your organisation to work anywhere & anytime to bring innovation to life

  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Improve staff engagement and reduce frustration
  • Enable use of any device
  • Increase security and maintain compliance
  • Replace vpns
  • Solutions tailored to your needs

The challenges of a remote workforce

All of a sudden, remote working is the new norm.

Once the restrictions are relaxed, many will still choose to or be required to work from home.

Businesses that embrace this will flourish. 

They’ll attract and retain the best staff and they’ll stay responsive to client needs wherever their workforce is located.

The risk of inaction

If you don’t rethink how your employees access business applications, work on documents and find information you’ll lose talented staff, frustrate the rest of your workforce and suffer from poor productivity.

Not only that, you’ll increase security risks, increase the likelihood of a damaging data breach and struggle to satisfy ongoing GDPR and other compliance requirements.

Plus you’ll struggle to meet ever more stringent client security requirements with the inevitable outcome of them going to your competitors.

Enable Your Business with Secure, Flexible and Easy to use Digital Workspace Solutions

Implement an advanced, work anywhere solution for your workforce without the capital investment, delay or disruption.

Using our cloud based Business Solution Suite, your staff will get a simple, consistent and seamless access to their desktops, applications and documents where ever they are on any device.

You’ll get a productive, engaged workforce, continuous control of sensitive information, maintenance of compliance standards and enhanced cyber protection.

Simple Access

Easy access via a browser or mobile app ensures rapid staff take up, simplifies rollout across your workforce and minimises training and problems.

Great Experience

Increase employee engagement and reduce frustration by ensuring staff have a responsive and consistent experience across any device.

On any device

Enable staff to use either corporate or personal devices and present a consistent workspace on any desktop, tablet or mobile.

Safeguard Data

Protect & keep control of sensitive business & client information across mobile devices while allowing efficient access by staff.

Strengthen Security

Eliminate Vpns & ensure no direct connection between insecure devices and your network, servers and data.

Two Factor Login

Ensure only authorised staff gain access by requiring a further confirmation in addition to username and password.

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