Email Hub Recruitment

Email Hub Recruitment

An enterprise class email, contact and calendaring solution specifically designed for Recruitment and Staffing firms

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Email is a critical way of transacting business and maintaining client relationships for your firm so you need to make sure it’s designed to meet the specific needs of your industry.

They say information is power and it’s never more true than in recruitment. Client, candidate and placement data is everything.

Preventing Data Leaks

Protecting that data and preventing unauthorised access is critical to enjoying the results of your labours. The last thing you need is some unscrupulous consultant walking off and starting a new firm on the back of your data and relationships.

Many if not all of your consultants will have their work email on their smartphones walking out of your office each day with priceless business data in their pockets.

Email Hub for Recruitment puts you back in control featuring advanced data leak detection and bring your own device (BYOD) protection with click of a button data removal.

Email Archiving

Email correspondence helps form the terms and conditions of contracts with your clients and candidates… again pretty unique to recruitment.

In litigation, a missing part of an email trail will put you in a weak position. You need to know that you can find relevant emails easily and a consultant can’t delete emails even if it’s immediately after it’s sent or received whether it’s internal or external.

Email Hub for Recruitment includes a permanent, searchable archive storing every single email sent or received in it’s original form in a completely separate data center.

Always on Email

Recruitment is also about fast response. If your email service is down and you can’t get to your emails and respond quickly to client requests you start losing money right away.

And worse still, you start damaging those hard worked for relationships with your clients. The only people to gain are your competitors.

Email Hub for Recruitment has duplicate servers in other UK data centers ensuring you’re always able to respond quickly.

Make sure your recruitment business has an email platform specifically designed for the unique needs of you business.

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Key features

  • Hosted Exchange 2013
  • Advanced BYOD security to protect your data
  • Business data leakage prevention
  • Group diaries for simple team scheduling
  • Sync files to tablets & smartphones
  • Advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • Hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK only data centers
  • Fully supported by UK based technical team
  • Free migration for minimal business disruption
  • Hosted Exchange 2103 email, calendering, contacts and shared folders in one central hub
  • Press-of-a-button business data wipe for BYOD includes emails, files and documents on personal devices
  • Unlimited group diaries for simplified team and department scheduling
  • File and document syncing to smartphones to ensure key documents are always available
  • Unlimited email and document storage
  • No limit email archiving for compliance and litigation protection
  • Fully managed and maintained by professional, UK technicians
  • End to end business support by friendly, patient UK help desk
  • Highly secure, full anti-virus and anti-spam and intrusion protection
  • Full data protection – your data is backed up with 30 day retention and replicated to another data center
  • Fully managed migration by UK based technicians
  • Hosted on advanced, high availability, private cloud platform for total protection and security
  • Outlook web access
  • Public folders and ActiveSync
  • Hosted in secure, Tier 3 UK only data centers