Private data centres used to be the preserve of the largest corporates, out of reach of small and medium size businesses unless you had exceptionally deep pockets and a wierd desire to waste money!

Hexagon Cloud now brings the private cloud to small and medium businesses just like yours based on industry leading data center software Vcloud Air from Vmware. Your business can now enjoy the same benefits as the large corporates and have your own secure part of the cloud with a highly secure, always on, reliable infrastructure to run your IT systems on.

Systems running slowly, being offline, constantly needing attention and running out of disk space are a thing of the past. CPU, memory and disk space can all be easily expanded so your IT systems always keep up with your business.

Virtual Private Data Centre

Vcloud Air makes it possible to chop up big data centres and into individual, secure networks only accessible by authorised users. This is the Virtual Private Data Centre (VDC). Within the VDC virtual servers are created and assigned as the cpu, memory and disk space they need. Your VDC runs across all of the servers and disks in the data center so if you need more power or storage it can be easily added and if there’s a problem with a server, a disk or part of the network your systems won’t be affected. The VDC takes care of all that keeping your servers and data on high performance equipment.

VDC is a completely private environment without the cost because you only pay for the part of the data center that you use. And if you need more resource it can just be added – total flexibility with total security.

Not all cloud providers provide are the same and few can supply an VDC. Without this you’re likely to hit scale problems, have disruptions due to hardware and network failures and be at risk from other customers. Amazingly many cloud providers have open internal networks meaning you can see other customers servers. Not only is this a security risk (and what about the Data Protection Act) but you’re at significant risk of your systems being affected by others. A virus, a security breach or just bad practices by other customers could disrupt your systems and stop your business working. Your environment is completely isolated, your resources are yours alone and the environment is never oversubscribed, so irrespective of the behaviour of others in the environment, the performance of your VDC will never be affected.

To get always on IT for your business to keep working choose a VDC based on Vmware VCloud … accept nothing less.

Total VDC Security

With Hexagon Cloud your VDC is protected by state of the art Next Generation Firewall technology from Fortinet. With intrusion prevent and advanced protection against viruses and malware across email, web browsing and file transfers you’ll get unparalleled protection for your VDC and your business.

Advanced web browsing protection will ensure your staff can’t get to inappropriate web sites and every page is checked against a constantly updated Web Reputation subscription before being allowed into the VDC ensuring that your staff don’t inadvertently access insecure websites and put your data and your business at risk.

To protect your business against intentional or unintentional data leaks, you’ll get advanced Data Loss Prevention technology to spot odd patterns of data transmission such as blocks of client information from being sent via email or to file sharing sites like Dropbox before they leave your VDC.

Plus you’ll get advanced reporting on website access and activity across VDC and all of your staff.

Built on World Class Technology

Your VDC will run on state of the art technology in a Tier 1 data center incorporating:

  • Next Generation Firewall providing total protection against viruses and malware across emails, web browsing and file transfers
  • Cisco UCS server built specifically for data center environments.
  • Individual virtual servers highly scalable from 1 to 64 cpu’s and 1Gb to 1Tb of memory
  • 3 tiers of storage available – advanced, archive and solid state for the highest performance
  • Automatic backups with 7 day retention for the whole VDC and 30 day backup retention for critical data to guard against data loss
  • Full VDC replication to another data center for total data security
  • State of the art fully redundant Cisco networking protecting you against hardware failure
  • True network isolation so your VDC is totally independent of other customers
  • Multiple high speed/low latency internet connections
  • Your VDC will reside in UK based fully redundant SSAE16/ISO27001 certified data centers with full fire and power protection