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What We Do

Solid foundations are key in order to implement successful IT systems. Without them, your business is much more vulnerable to security breaches and loss of services, causing potentially catastrophic damage to productivity.

Our tried and tested enterprise grade technology and cloud services provide these foundations utilising your existing IT systems. We ensure your business reaps the benefits quickly without the costs or staff needed to build them yourself.

We partner with the leading private cloud infrastructure company in the world – working together to provide secure cloud and hybrid IT solutions, tailored to your business.

Rapid detection is key to flourishing in the digital age. With our complete IT services, your business receives not only top of the range cyber security, but also a wide range of enterprise grade technology to help your business thrive.

By adopting our IT services, your business will be able to; meet strict security compliance requirements, provide agile working practices to attract the best team members, and increase your businesses productivity.

Comprehensive and Secure IT

IT Services & Support

We provide a wide range of IT services tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether you require start-up support or assistance with established IT systems, we have a solution for you.

Cyber Security

Our enterprise grade cyber technology allows us to rapidly detect, contain and eradicate threats before they get a chance to damage your business. Rapid detection is key to flourishing in the digital age.

Servers & Hosting

There are clear benefits of migrating to a cloud-based solution. We guide you through that process in a supportive and inclusive way.

Remote Working

Increasingly, organisations are operating in a more flexible and agile way. As a result, the type of device in use, and the location is ever expanding. We help clients ensure rigorous security protocols are in place across multiple device types and locations.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

Our clear emphasis is on problem prevention. However, should you run into significant problems, we are on hand to guide you through a speedy recovery.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

For over 20 years we’ve been working with, supporting and managing IT systems for businesses just like yours.

We’ve developed CDS as a fully managed, cloud security solution… you don’t need to invest in equipment or skills. CDS can be a plugin to your existing office network(s) or as a core part of our Advanced Secure Cloud solution.

Advanced Secure Cloud meets the needs of organisations who need a high level of security, compliance and stability with their IT systems. Highly reliable and scalable, Advanced Secure Cloud moves all of your onsite systems and data into locked down data centers protected by CDS.

Unlike large cloud providers where you don’t have any leaverage and unlike small cloud providers where there’s the worry of long term financial stability, with Hexagon IT you get the best of both worlds, a secure and long term partnership.

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If you need security and infrastructure reviews to help understand the risks and opportunities in cyber security, secure remote working or system resilience – Contact Hexagon IT Today.

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“We were hacked under our previous IT supplier so decided to switch. Fortunately, we were recommended Hexagon IT at just the right time. They were able to implement a secure strategy across all our IT systems which provided well needed peace of mind that all our sensitive data was protected from cyber criminals. We can’t thank Hexagon IT enough for their valuable support and guidance when we needed it most. We just wish we’d found them sooner.”

Alan Little

Pocket Accounts

“Over the past few years, we’ve formed a fantastic relationship with Hexagon IT. Their secure cloud systems and IT support has meant we’re always online when our clients need us. We’re so impressed with them we didn’t hesitate to recommend them to a new client who needs a highly secure and resilient cloud platform for a global sales and marketing team selling to very high-end clients.”

Alex Upson

Coldwell Banker Commercial London

“Working with Hexagon IT has meant we’ve always been online should our clients need us. Our business has been able to achieve our toughest business goals without having to worry about the burden of IT maintenance and security. We will be forever indebted to Hexagon IT for the support they have provided us over the years.”

Simon Young