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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Cloud? Microsoft Office 365? Or perhaps Cloud apps.

They’re certainly key players but there are many more Cloud services available to help drive your business forward, all of which we provide at Hexagon IT.

With our turnkey solutions, we’ll help you migrate to, manage and optimise your Cloud strategy, whatever stage of Cloud adoption you’re at.

Working with key vendors — Microsoft, Citrix and iLand, to name a few — we’ll ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud and fast support to keep your clients, staff and partners happy.

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Office 365 & Azure

How We Can Help

We can boost your staff’s productivity and empower them to work anywhere. How? By maximising your investment in Office 365 and taking advantage of the full range of Azure Cloud services.

Benefits you gain

  • An end-to-end service — we’ll supply, setup and configure your Office 365 and Azure services
  • Ongoing support and management
  • Office 365 backup
  • Advanced email security

Hosted Desktop

How We Can Help

We can ensure your staff have access to their full work desktop, applications and files wherever they are with a hosted desktop. This makes flexible working with remote teams easy, with access from any device, including a Windows laptop, Mac, iPad or Chromebook.

Benefits you gain

  • Secure access — access is only available to authorised users following robust, 2-factor authentication
  • Secure data storage — all of your data and files are stored centrally, so whatever device your staff use to connect, you can trust that your system and data won’t be compromised.
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity — your desktop will be protected by our robust Cyber Defence system, ensuring real-time threat detection and mitigation

Secure Document Sharing

How We Can Help

By working with Citrix Sharefile, we’ll ensure you’re able to safely store and share sensitive documents and files with remote users or partners without worrying about security or poor functionality.

Benefits you gain

  • Easy access — store, sync and share files so they are always available to your staff or partners wherever they are and from any device
  • Superior security — files are encrypted and only accessible to authorised users via robust 2-factor authentication
  • Convenient sharing — request secure document uploads, share large files and share with clients, suppliers and partners without needing additional licenses
  • Data protection — remotely wipe documents and files in the event that a laptop or other device is lost or stolen

Cloud Hosting

How We Can Help

We can provide you with unlimited computing power and storage by hosting your servers and applications on your own private, secure Cloud environment. What’s more, you’ll have the flexibility to increase or decrease your storage and computing power according to your needs on a month-to-month basis.

Benefits you gain

  • Seamless migration — we’ll efficiently shift your on-premise servers to our Cloud hosting without loss of data or service
  • High availability and protection against hardware failures — this ensures your data and computing power will always be available
  • Managed backups
  • High performance internet connections
  • Secure data centres
  • Superior security — your servers and applications will be protected by our robust Cyber Defence system, ensuring real-time threat detection and mitigation

Offsite Backup

How We Can Help

We’ll protect your data against hardware failures, cyber attack, fire and flood by backing up critical data and files to the Cloud

Benefits you gain

  • Managed Cloud backup for your data, laptops, desktops and servers
  • Reliable backup without the need for additional software
  • Full support from our service desk

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How We Can Help

We’ll keep your business running whatever happens, from cyber attacks or hardware failures to office thefts or fires.

Benefits you gain

  • Speedy, tailored recovery — you decide how fast critical parts of your IT system need to be up and running after a disaster and we’ll make it happen, whether that’s within hours or minutes.
  • Full support from our service desk

Managed Cyber Security

How We Can Help

We’ll protect your business against cyber threats whether they’re online, via email or direct attacks on your network with our robust Cyber Defence system.

Benefits you gain

  • Constant AI-based threat detection and mitigation from Fortinet — unlike standard anti-virus software, our approach ensures we stay on top of the very latest threats to protect your data and your business reputation
  • Email security — advanced email filtering to ensure your staff are protected against what is now the most common type of cyber attack
  • Web security — web filtering to ensure your staff are protected against malicious sites when they’re online
  • Network security
  • End-point security — we’ll ensure all laptops, desktops, Macs, PCs and tablets are updated, secured and optimised
  • Comprehensive GDPR compliance
  • Full management


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