Secure Remote Working

Remote and home working can open up your business to cyber attacks. More and more businesses are being exposed to increased cyber risks and reporting data breaches – don’t become one of them.

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Simple and easy to use

Our secure remote working solutions place an air-gap between the device your staff are working and your business IT network and your data. You can let your staff work on any device confident that the increasing incidence of malware on home and remote devices can’t affect your business.

Simple and easy to use with no more vpns.

Plus with the added security of 2 factor authentication built-in, you can be certain only your staff are able to access your confidential data.

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Complete Cloud solutions to enhance your business

By working with key vendors — Microsoft, Citrix and iLand, to name a few — we’ll ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud and fast support to keep your clients, staff and partners happy.

Empower your staff to work from anywhere

  • Increase security & maintain compliance
  • No more vpns
  • Enable use of any device
  • Easy to use
  • Protect against cyber threats
  • Increase staff productivity

Remote working the right way

Done right, remote working can increase the productivity and engagement of your employees, while reducing their frustration. At Hexagon IT, we can enable the use of any digital device for remote working, while increasing security and maintaining compliance. And with our tailored remote working solutions, you won’t need to deal with VPNs.

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Why facilitate remote working?

The very best of today’s workforce increasingly expect flexibility in where they can work from, more so in a post-pandemic world. Businesses that embrace remote working will, therefore, flourish by attracting and retaining the best employees and consequently staying responsive to client needs wherever their workforce is located.

On the flip side, businesses that do not embrace remote working will lose out on securing the most talented staff, frustrate their existing workforce and ultimately suffer from poor productivity.

Not only that, by ignoring the rise of digital workspace solutions, you’ll increase your security risks and the likelihood of a damaging data breach, as well as struggle to satisfy ongoing GDPR requirements and ever more stringent client security requirements. This leaves your market share wide open for the taking by competitors.

Our Guarantee

We’ll provide you with a full, proof of concept system with all of your applications and data for you to use free of charge for up to 10 days.

If there is something that isn’t quite right, we’ll resolve it before we move forward. If you are still not completely satisfied with the final solution, we’ll cancel your contract and give you a full refund.

If you find that our outsourced IT services aren’t right for your business during the first 3 months, we’ll help you move to another platform at no extra cost, with no penalties and no hard feelings.

What are the benefits?


Easy access via a browser or mobile app ensures rapid employee uptake, simplifies rollout across your workforce and minimises training and problems.


Increase employee engagement and reduce frustration by ensuring employees have a responsive and consistent experience across any device.


Enable employees to use either corporate or personal devices and present a consistent workspace on any desktop, tablet or mobile.


Protect and retain control of sensitive business and client information across mobile devices while allowing efficient access by staff.


Eliminate VPNs and ensure no direct connection between insecure devices and your network, servers and data.


Ensure only authorised staff gain access to your network by requiring an additional confirmation step further to their username and password.

What our clients say

“We can't thank Hexagon IT enough for their valuable support and guidance when we needed it most. We just wish we'd found them sooner.”

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“Over the past few years, we've formed a fantastic relationship with Hexagon IT.”

Alex Upson

What could this do for your business?

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Depending on your business size and requirements, we have something to suit everyone. We can customise solutions using our expertise and extensive resources, tailoring our plans to suit your business needs.

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