Secure Cloud File Sharing and Cloud Storage

Store, sync and share files, and ensure files and folders are always available, encrypted and easy to access from any device.

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Why use Hexagon?

We make all of this possible using a robust Cloud system based on market leading Citrix Sharefile.

Secure access

Enable your employees to securely access, view and edit business documents on any device, corporate or personal, and using any OS.

Secure sharing

Selectively and securely share files or folders with clients, suppliers and partners, without additional licenses, using secure email links. Additionally, use view-only document sharing to prevent downloading of sensitive documents and limit the number of views.

File request management

Employees can send file upload requests via email and select the appropriate folder for storage, so they needn’t deal with restrictive email attachment limits. Instant email notifications confirm the file uploads.

Remote data control

Remove data from old devices via a remote wipe and remotely lock access to data from any given device.

Consolidate data

Bring all of your business data from One Drive, Google Drive and other Cloud repositories into one secure place.

Improved productivity

Easily create simple document workflows to streamline your working processes.

Bring all of your business data together

Use shared drives on the Cloud to enable your employees in the office and those working remotely to share files and collaborate with ease.

Add legally-binding electronic signatures to your documents.

Comprehensive protection and backup of all of your Home drives in the Cloud.

With automatic file versioning, you won’t ever need to worry about losing work when a file is accidentally overwritten.

Whenever your employees work on files offline, as soon as they are back on the Internet, these files will synchronise with their online counterparts.

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