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Future-proofing your business so you can continue to grow means creating a secure, adaptable IT system. That’s where our hosted desktop services in London comes in.

With the ability to run your business from anywhere via robust Cloud-based technology, you can do business 24/7 and empower your staff to work effectively wherever they are.

Whether you currently have a hardware-based server system, an existing Cloud-based system or a hybrid system, with Hexagon IT we can seamlessly transfer your IT system onto the very latest hosted desktop system. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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    Easy access

    Using a browser your staff can access your normal desktop, all your files and documents from any device whether it's a PC, laptop or tablet (Windows, Mac, IoS, Android, Chrome).
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    Remote working

    Remote working is the way of the future world-over and that includes London. Our virtual IT system makes remote working simple and secure with an air-gap between the devices your staff are working on and your business IT network and data.
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    Secure hosting

    All of your servers, applications and data will be moved to a secure, high availability data centre. You'll have your own private secure network and access will be through a dedicated secure access gateway (Citrix Netscaler).
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    Authorised access only

    Access to your private secure network will require 2-factor authentication, ensuring only authorised users have access. You will also have control over who can copy data out of the Cloud or print. And with one central point of login, you can control staff access so that should an employee leave or have a device stolen, it’s easy to stop their access.
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    Secure data storage and communications

    All of your data and applications will be locked in a secure data centre and all communications between the data centre and end-user devices will be fully encrypted. With no data on the local machine, you don’t need to worry about physical security threats.
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    Enhanced threat detection

    Your desktops, server and data are protected by our Cyber Defence system based on advanced Fortinet technology, allowing real-time threat detection and mitigation.
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    With our end-to-end solution, you won’t have to pay separately for anti-virus, cybersecurity and storage space — it’s all-inclusive in our price of £67 per user per month. What’s more, we can also supply you with cost-effective Chromebooks for your staff to use to access your system (additional charges apply)
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    Comprehensive support

    You’ll have the extended support of our remote IT support team. No more panics about backing up, no more worries about your system going down. We will provide, set-up, support and take responsibility for the seamless running of your IT system in London.


With our hosted desktop services in London in place, remote working is made safe, secure and straightforward for your staff. But that isn’t all you can benefit from with Hexagon IT.

With our robust Cloud system based on market-leading Citrix Sharefile, you can store, sync and share files, and ensure files and folders are always available, encrypted and easy to access from any device.

With our business continuity and disaster recovery solution, you can reduce risks of disruption to your business down to an absolute minimum. Our comprehensive business continuity plan will have every angle covered, from daily back-ups to near-zero data loss.

A single point of contact will plug you into a wealth of expertise to proactively manage and prevent IT problems, and regularly review your IT performance, resilience, security and strategy.

Let us take care of your IT, so you can get on with growing your London business

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