Don't risk your business with IT Security & Compliance - You need to meet ever-increasing security and compliance demands

Secure IT systems are vital for your business security, privacy and GDPR – as part of our service we can help you avoid non-compliance, hefty fines and reputational damage.

With the UK GDPR (substantially similar to EU GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 form the regulations in the UK for collecting, processing and storing personal information.

Complying with these regulations is a real challenge for small businesses. In most instances the personal information is low risk such as name and address detail. However, in some cases we’ve dealt with, organisations are dealing with sensitive data such as medical information.

Organisations are require to take reasonable steps to protect personal information they hold. In the event of a data breach, evidence that this risk based approach has been taken can be vital.

Hexagon IT holds ISO27001 the international standard for an information security management system. This provides a good focus for the technical and operational requirements to reduce the risk of a breach. However, this is a significant undertaking (we know from achieving it). It fits us as we process and store significant amount of information on behalf of clients in our cloud systems. However, it doesn’t lend itself easily to small business.

We’ve worked with a number of small businesses and not for profit organisations who process personal data some of it sensitive medical information. They need a simple but effective method to establish and crucially maintain compliance.

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We’ve found the best approach is to use the IASME standard. This includes both Cyber Essentials (cyber security) and GDPR (data protection) elements in one standard specifically designed for small organisations.

It covers the key elements of:

  • Identify what data you hold, it’s category (risk level), the legal basis for collecting and processing and where it’s stored
  • assessing risks (such as malware) and identifying mitigations/controls (such as software updates)
  • establishing processes to ensure controls are maintained (such as ensuring vulnerabilities are monitored and addressed quickly)

We can help in two key areas:

  • guide you through the process of the IASME standard (over 200 questions to be addressed) to establish compliance
  • help you stay compliant and protected Our Pro level Managed IT Service is specifically designed to provide the software and services to meet and maintain the IASME standard.

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We help clients improve their productivity, communication and work anywhere flexibility through strategic use of cloud services, emerging communications and secure remote access technology. Our expert engineers install servers, pcs and network infrastructure, migrate key elements or entire infrastructures to the cloud as well as provide responsive (15 minute), friendly and expert assistance to end users.

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