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Hexagon IT in Hertfordshire is here to help by providing you with a complete IT solution.

We’ll implement secure IT services that utilise cutting-edge technology and Cloud computing.

We’ll leverage your existing IT system and combine it with tried, tested and trusted IT technology and services.

We’ll protect your data against cyber threats, help you provide flexible working practices and meet strict security compliance requirements.

Whether your IT system is on-premise, in the Cloud or a mix of the two, we’ll ensure it runs smoothly and at its most efficient, so you can focus on growing your business.

With our round the clock support and fast, friendly responses from our expert Hertfordshire team, whatever IT problems crop up, we’ll get you back to business in no time.

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Remote & Telephone
On site
Critical out of hours
Endpoint protection
Web filtering
Full vulnerability management & sw updates
Ransomware protection
Firewall & network management
Cyber Threat Awareness Training
Advanced email security
Continuity & Recovery
Office 365 backup for email and files
Full Workstation backup
Email archiving
Email continuity - in case O365 not available
Office 365 / Gmail management
Security and performance monitoring
Asset and license management
Starters and leavers processing
Dedicated account management
Quarterly review, advice and recommendations
Compliance to Cyber Essentials/PCI
Configure and deliver equipment for new staff
Hold spare laptops/pc swap out direct to end users

Our Outsourced IT Services


Productive and Secure
Remote Working

You'll get advanced remote access technology so mobile staff can work securely and productively anywhere and on any device, improving business productivity while containing costs.


Mobile Information Security
and Control

You'll get advanced mobility and content technology to enable greater employee productivity wherever they’re working and from whichever device, while safeguarding their privacy and protecting information security.


Rapid Cyber Threat Detection
and Mitigation

You'll be protected by advanced Cloud security and cybersecurity for rapid threat detection and mitigation — cybersecurity that meets the most demanding security requirements, covering networks, endpoints and email.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

You’ll get seamless workforce productivity during any major disruptive event while continuing to protect and control business information wherever it's required.

Meet ever-increasing security and compliance demands

Secure IT systems are vital for your business security, privacy and GDPR – as part of our service we can help you avoid non-compliance, hefty fines and reputational damage.

With the UK GDPR (substantially similar to EU GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 form the regulations in the UK for collecting, processing and storing personal information.

Complying with these regulations is a real challenge for small businesses. In most instances the personal information is low risk such as name and address detail. However, in some cases we’ve dealt with, organisations are dealing with sensitive data such as medical information.

Organisations are require to take reasonable steps to protect personal information they hold. In the event of a data breach, evidence that this risk based approach has been taken can be vital.

Hexagon IT holds ISO27001 the international standard for an information security management system. This provides a good focus for the technical and operational requirements to reduce the risk of a breach. However, this is a significant undertaking (we know from achieving it). It fits us as we process and store significant amount of information on behalf of clients in our cloud systems. However, it doesn’t lend itself easily to small business.

We’ve worked with a number of small businesses and not for profit organisations who process personal data some of it sensitive medical information. They need a simple but effective method to establish and crucially maintain compliance.

We’ve found the best approach is to use the IASME standard. This includes both Cyber Essentials (cyber security) and GDPR (data protection) elements in one standard specifically designed for small organisations.

It covers the key elements of:

  • Identify what data you hold, it’s category (risk level), the legal basis for collecting and processing and where it’s stored
  • assessing risks (such as malware) and identifying mitigations/controls (such as software updates)
  • establishing processes to ensure controls are maintained (such as ensuring vulnerabilities are monitored and addressed quickly)

We can help in two key areas:

  • guide you through the process of the IASME standard (over 200 questions to be addressed) to establish compliance
  • help you stay compliant and protected Our Pro level Managed IT Service is specifically designed to provide the software and services to meet and maintain the IASME standard.

Experts On Call For You

Continuous system monitoring, update management and always-on threat detection ensure your IT systems are secure, optimised and resilient. As an experienced IT services company, we’re here to give you confidence in your IT and help keep your business running productivel

  • Proactive Management and Problem Prevention
  • Fast, friendly support and advice whenever you need it
  • Single point of contact for all IT and telephony (we can work with third parties and coordinate on your behalf)
  • Honest, focused and impartial advice on your existing infrastructure, opportunities for improvement and IT strategy
  • Regular reviews of performance, resilience, security and strategy

At our IT services company, our friendly admin and support teams are always here to help you with IT questions, requests or problems. You’ll have a single point of contact for all IT and telephony. We can even work with third parties and coordinate services on your behalf.

What’s more, we’ll always provide you with honest, focused and impartial advice on your existing infrastructure, highlighting opportunities for improvement and IT strategy.

The Complete Package

The key is these ready-to-go business solutions are delivered as part of their outsourced services so they can quickly enhance what the IT capabilities have.

As part of your Outsourced IT Services, we deliver tried, tested and ready-to-go business solution so you can:

  • meet ever-increasing security and compliance demands
  • enable flexible and mobile staff working practices
  • react to sudden disruptive events without the need to invest in expensive technology or technical capability

What does this mean in practice?

It means that we’re an IT services company who will provide you with unmatched Cloud security, reliability and performance so you can run your IT systems completely in the Cloud, in your office or a mixture of the two. This is made possible by our partnership with the leading Cloud provider, iland.

It means giving you access to cutting-edge technology through our Cloud-based business solutions as add-ons to your IT systems. This ensures that as soon as you start working with us you get enhanced information security, remote working, business continuity capabilities and cyber resilience. And once it’s all up and running, we’ll continue to make sure everything is working at its best with our regular system performance monitoring.

What's included in your contract:

We’ll carry out daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks and processes to keep your IT system in good health.

  • Unlimited Remote Support & Administration
  • Onsite Support, Installation and Maintenance
  • Full Network & Security Administration
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • On-going technical and strategic IT advice


  • 24-hour system performance monitoring
  • 24-hour cyber threat detection and mitigation
  • capacity checks
  • backup checks


  • system health assessment and operational recommendations


  • 24-hour system performance monitoring
  • 24-hour cyber threat detection and mitigation
  • capacity checks
  • backup checks
  • strategic review of your business requirements and recommendations
  • review of your business continuity, IT resilience and data security

Our Difference

We’re not your average IT services company. We've nailed our on-boarding process to ensure pain-free migration with assistance and confidence-building every step of the way.

We won't ask you to commit to a long-term contract. If for whatever reason, we're not a good match for your organisation, we'll help you move and wish you all the best with no hard feelings.


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